Senate President Milan Štěch met with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. He spoke with him about possible ways to deal with the migration crisis, about the situation in North Africa or in the Middle East.

“I don’t think the problem in North Africa and the Middle East will be possible without the involvement of world powers such as the United States, Russia and China, but also NATO and the EU. Although there are ditches between the Czech Republic and Russia due to different views on the occupation of Crimea, we should try to involve Russia in addressing the real causes of the migration crisis, which are catastrophic living conditions caused by war in countries such as Syria, Libya and others. of the Czech Senate.

“EU officials are exacerbating the situation by talking only about the redistribution of migrants, but not about resolving the crisis in the countries from which refugees are leaving,” Štěch added.

According to Stoltenberg, NATO is trying to address the causes through its involvement in Afghanistan, Iraq or cooperation with countries in North Africa. “NATO is working to address the root causes of the problems in the countries where they arise. Where there is instability and tension, we try to support the ability of states themselves to create a stable environment for life. They cannot rely on the endless presence of NATO troops on their territory, “said Stoltenberg.